Improvement Plans

The key improvement areas for the school include improving the progress and attainment of boys within the school, strengthening performance at KS4 and KS5 within identified subject areas, and improving the outcomes and support for our disadvantaged cohort and our most vulnerable students. Maximising recruitment into the sixth form is a further priority area. In addition to this, there will be work to do both within the school and in partnership with the LA and other schools in the city to manage future admissions pressures and school place planning.

The priorities for the MAT focus on its continued growth and development. This relates most closely to expanding the MAT membership to include our current partner schools. We also want to develop shared services and staffing, and to focus on key improvement priorities for MAT schools, which currently relate to improving outcomes in Maths reasoning and in boys’ writing. All schools in the MAT, as well as those who intend to join next year, are judged to be Good or better by Ofsted; so the scope for building on an impressive base is clear. Moreover, relationships between all schools are positive and collaborative.

The Trust's strategic areas of focus for 2018/19 cover the following areas (bold indicates priorities):

1. Developing systems and support for effective leadership and governance across the Trust
2. Ensuring all our schools are good or better and that they meet appropriately challenging targets for all key performance measures  
3. Focusing our school improvement work on identified key priorities for the Trust and its individual schools
4. Developing collaborative improvement work across the schools at leadership levels that improve outcomes for young people and increase efficiency
5. Developing a Trust core team and shared services that have the capacity and skills to deliver on the Trust's vision for its schools

6. Implementing financial systems that provide security, transparency and compliance
7. Deploying our resources fairly and appropriately to provide the best value and highest impact for all our schools and young people
8. Building systems and processes that ensure the Trust and all of the schools within it are compliant with Health and Safety and other regulatory requirements
9. Further developing our risk management, critical incident and business continuity plans so that they are robust and fit for purpose
10. Ensuring our HR systems and Policies are consistently applied across the Trust and ensuring we build our reputation as an excellent employer
11. Ensuring the growth and expansion of the Trust.